Welcome to the Erdős Institute!  If you are participating in our Fall 2021 programming, then please carefully review the material and instructions below to make sure that you are properly set up and prepared for the semester.

Slack Workspace

All communication for Erdős Institute participants is done via slack.  Our slack workspace is erdosinstitute.slack.com and you will be receiving an invitation to join via the email address you provided with your application (please check your spam folder).  Participants in the Fall Data Science Mini-course will also be added to the #fall-2021-data-science channel.

Other regularly used channels:

  • #job-help: to connect with the job-help team

  • #project-help: to form project teams and get project help

  • #course-questions-and-discussion: to discuss content covered in class

Fall Monthly Calendar

Our career development programming kicks off this September 1st at 12pm ET with an online orientation event for our Fall cohort. Zoom link and details will be emailed to our participants via the addresses you provided in your application. Our programming is held on the following dates and times monthly:

We also maintain a Google Calendar of events and will be giving all participants access to the google calendar via the email addresses you provided in your application. Note: Some university email servers block access to google servers. Therefore, you must provide us with your preferred google email/drive account if you wish to have access to the google calendar and google drive.

Career Workshops & Job Help

The Erdős Institute runs two different 3-part monthly Career Workshops each semester:

  1. Foundations (with Amanda, Suzanne, Morgan, and Chelsea)

  2. Technical Interviews (with Lindsay Warrenburg)

The slack channel for Job Help is #job-help.

Links to other job forms may be found at: https://www.erdosinstitute.org/jobstuff


Suzanne Kovacs

Talent Development Advisor

Foundations: Part 1 - Resumes and Application Materials

Fall Data Science Mini-Course

Course Content

We have a collection of online videos and Jupyter notebooks that accompany the Fall 2021 Data Science Mini-course.  Videos on Python Prep (same as what was used for the May 2021 Boot Camp) and setting up your GitHub are hosted on YouTube. 


Note: You must first provide us your GitHub username through the middle button below in order to have access to the Jupyter notebooks in the Erdős GitHub repository.

(only works after you've given us your github username)

Project Orientation

In order to receive an Erdős Institute Data Science Certificate, participants must complete a team project by the end of the semester. Please review the slides below for important due dates and links to project resources. Additionally, here is a link to some projects from May 2021.

Productionization Mini-Course

3 part lecture series by our Head of Alumni-Led Programming, Kevin Nowland.

Part 1

Digital Campus

We are setting up a digital campus for this academic year in gather.town.  Although most of our seminars, workshops, and classes will simply be held over zoom for ease of use, we will also be holding additional activities in the digital campus to give you a chance to engage with one another and work together outside of our set schedule. The digital campus is accessible at any time.

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