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Membership options to support your career goals at every stage

Our Career Launch Cohorts are FREE for Graduate Students and Postdocs from sponsoring academic institutions.

For academics from other institutions, here are our Membership Options.




for all academics

Just exploring?

Create a FREE account at the Erdős Institute to initiate your profile page and get access to our:

  • Career Exploration Seminars

  • Seminar Recordings

  • Industry Job Board &

  • Preparatory Materials

Discover what opportunities exist and what jobs interest you.




for your first cohort

Ready to get started?

Apply to one of our cohorts to get access to our full suite of Career Launch programs and services.


In addition to our Career Exploration Seminars, Recordings, and Job Board, you'll be able to register for all of our boot camps, workshops, mini-courses, and you'll have access to our slack community, all of our technical and behavioral interview resources, career coaches, and we'll even help you with direct introductions to employers and alumni in our network.




for every month after

Want to keep growing?

Join our Alumni Club for continued access to all of our Career Launch programs and services.  Gain exclusive access to alumni-led programs and discounts for advanced courses.


Alumni Club members will also have an opportunity to earn credit and stipends by staying engaged with future cohorts and supporting our community through instructorships, mentorships, and connecting current participants to new career opportunities. Erdős Alumni only.

Fall 2024 Career Launch Cohort Programs and Services:

The following Career Launch programs and services are available in Fall 2024.

Once you are a cohort member, you can register for any and all programs at no additional cost.

Please note: our programming runs entirely online, and all lectures for synchronous courses are recorded in case of time conflicts

  • Data Science Boot Camp

    • 1 class per week for 13 weeks

    • Sep 5 - Dec 11

    • Project Based Certification

  • UX Research Boot Camp

    • 1 class per week for 13 weeks

    • Sep 11 - Dec 11

    • Project Based Certification

  • Mini-courses & Study Groups

    • Python Prep (asynch)

    • Data Visualization​ (asynch)

    • Software Engineering for Data Scientists (asynch)

    • and more

  • Interview Prep (Workshops & Study Groups)

    • Foundations: Application Materials, Informational Interviews, Behavioral Interviews​

    • Technical: Whiteboarding, Paired Coding, Case Studies


  • 1-on-1 Career Coaching​ (On-Demand)

    • Resume Review​

    • Mock Interviews

    • Navigating/Negotiating Offers

  • Employer & Alumni Career Connections

    • Internal and LinkedIn Job Board

    • Introductions to our Hiring Partners​

    • Direct Introductions to our Alumni Members

Alumni Club Members will also have discounted access to:

  • Deep Learning Boot Camp

  • Alumni-led Study Groups, Project Groups, and Pilot Programs

  • Continued Career and Management/Leadership Coaching



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