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Jan 13, 2024


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A workplace project rarely depends on just one person. The projects we work on often involve stakeholders of all kinds: clients, co-workers, management, business partners, investors, and/or end users. Project success relies on the management of the project AND understanding the needs and roles of people involved. This course examines the foundational concepts of project management with an emphasis on communication best practices and people skills that will boost trust, morale, and commitment by the humans that make projects happen.

This Workshop is primarily asynchronous. There is a 1x Kick-Off meeting and optional 1-hour work sessions per week for 5 weeks. The course is completed at the end of Week 5 with the culmination of a group project viewing for certification.

Week 1: Project Management Topic 1
- Kick-Off Meeting (LIVE)
- Pitch Projects to Project Formation Page
- Finalize Project Teams
- Asynchronous Reading/Viewing Materials

Week 2: Project Management Topic 2
- Optional Group Work Session (LIVE)
- 1 Team report due
- Asynchronous Reading/Viewing Materials

Week 3: Project Management Topic 3
- Optional Group Work Session (LIVE)
- 1 Team report due
- Asynchronous Reading/Viewing Materials

Week 4: Project Management Topic 4
- Optional Group Work Session (LIVE)
- 1 Team report due
- Asynchronous Reading/Viewing Materials

Week 5:
- Team Work Week
- Presentations and Post-Mortem Analysis (LIVE)

Instructional Team


Lisa Reitz, MA

Business Communications

Office Hours:

Tuesday, 2-3pm ET


Preferred Contact:


Lisa has 17 years of experience working with co-workers, clients, and leadership in the sales and advertising industry, 8 years of board experience with both for and non-profit organizations, and 15 years as faculty for online adult learning. She currently serves as faculty in adult online education and owns and operates a small farm and whole home vacation rental.


Develop a general understanding of the project management framework.
Work with a small team in an online setting to develop and complete a mock workplace project.
Demonstrate familiarity with the theoretical concepts of project management in relation to overall strategic management.
Use techniques for positive and impactful interactions within a project team.
Assess the challenges of project management and create strategies for project completion in a team environment.
Understand various techniques to apply project framework in professional and personal facets.

Project Examples

First Steps/Prerequisites

First Steps

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Program Content



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