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Leann Mclaren

Leann Mclaren


Analyzed three industry prompts on product diversification, website conversion and analyzing the voice of the customer. For product diversification, I utilized online data sources such as Gallup, the US census, and to determine the market size, saturation, demand and create a list of suggestions on how a coffee shop might want to break into the alcoholic beverage industry.

For Website conversion, I proposed to conduct 1-on-1 user interviews for 50 users collected from social media and snowball sampling for a Black owned skincare company looking to see why they were experiencing drop off before users purchasing product. I created three personas of the types of consumers that were using the website and recommended ways to improve efficiency from putting items in cart to checkout.

Lastly, for Voice of the Customer, I designed a survey and A/B test to see which incentives may drive an increase in membership rates, for an online makeup store looking to increase memberships.

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