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Forest Fire Prediction

Murat Uyar, Nihal Uyar, Christopher Mahadeo, Rohan Sarkar


Each year, approximately 7000 forest fires occur in various provinces and territories across Canada. Due to the vast size of Canada's provinces and territories and shortage of volunteer fire fighters, some fires are almost impossible to brought under control. Our aim is to write an algorithm that predicts forest fires in Quebec, Canada by analysing the weather conditions so that firefighters and volunteers can be aware of which areas of the forest they are responsible for are in danger beforehand.
Last year in Quebec, the number of forest fires started by natural causes is higher than the ones from human causes. For example, in 2023, at least 47% of forest fires with known causes were started by natural factors. We are planning to identify the natural factors, such as humidity, rainfall, and temperature, that contribute the most to the ignition of a forest fire.

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