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Spatial Subsetting of Orbital Laser Readings

Frank Seidl, Luke Kiernan, Keavin Moore, Nicholas Barvinok, Noah Rahman


The GEDI L2A dataset contains laser readings of elevation and the height and vertical profile of forest canopy taken from the ISS. Most of this data is publicly available, e.g. from the link below. Unfortunately, as shown on the linked site, the data is grouped into 1D segments along the ISS's orbit. This is a natural way to store measurements which are collected sequentially by a satellite in orbit, but inconvenient for a scientist interested in studying a 2D region of the Earth's surface. My proposed project would build a tool which filters for segments which intersect with a user-specified bounding box or polygon.

I already have some basic Python code for the spherical geometry involved with computing such intersections. If we implemented the filters efficiently, we could polish off the project by analyzing data from an interesting area downloaded using our tool.[0][v]=f&q=C2142771958-LPCLOUD&tl=17

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