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Stock Movement Prediction - what the best strategy?

Michael LaCroix, Samson Johnson, bahareh baharinezhad, Joshua Pfeffer, Atharva Patil


Questions: something related to individual stocks, markets, or commodities - could be: momentum predictor, mean reversion, moving average predictor, simple up or down
Data source: one of the best places is probably Yahoo finance - via yfinance library
I’m inclined towards the stock market data because I want to get experience: working with an API, loading and storing that data in SQL, and then obviously modeling
For this, I’d prefer to intentionally avoid NLP (ie no social media scraping or article sentiment analysis). While I think it would actually be a really interesting addition for modeling, I just don’t think there’s the time for it. We only have 3 weeks left to do this and I want to scope appropriately.

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