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Unlocking Economic Growth: Exploring the Link Between Education and GDP per capita

Fernando Liu Lopez, Arvind Suresh, Noah Lebowitz-Lockard, Navdeep Rana, Sucharita Giri


The proposed data science research will investigate the socioeconomic factors that underlie the complex relationship between education and GDP per capita.

The proposed algorithm for this project will involve several key steps:
1. Data Collection: We will gather comprehensive datasets containing information on education indicators (such as enrollment rates, literacy rates, and educational attainment).

2. Data Preprocessing: The collected data will undergo a data cleaning process. We will also perform data transformation and normalization to ensure compatibility and consistency across different datasets.

3. Data Analysis and Model Validation: LinearRegression, KNN models will be conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the data and identify initial trends, patterns, and correlations between education and GDP per capita. Visualization techniques such as scatter plots, and histograms will be employed to get insights and validate our model.

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