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smart search on arXiv

Xiaoyu Wang, Abhinav Chand, Ketan Sand, Guoqing Zhang, Tajudeen Mamadou Yacoubou, Tantrik Mukerji


Standard search methods on are outdated, and based on keyword matching. Modern chatbots such as chatGPT appears to do better. In this project proposal, We'd like to do something similar to chatGPT, if not better. Namely we would develop a chatbot specializing in With questions like:
1. What are the recent research results on XYZ?
2. Are there common topics both domain A and domain B are working on, but researchers are too lazy to spot it (by hopping over to a different domain and suffering from a different set of jargons)?
3. I want to research XYZ, could you provide a summary of the research results in the past month?
4. Could you provide a summary of the research results in arXiv:0123.45678v2?
Project required skills: web scraping, NLP, NLP fine tuning methods such as RAG or whatever we could invent, deployment

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.31.35 AM.png
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