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Limelight - Forecasting Broadway Sales

Suzana Serboi, Mitch Haslehurst, Karthik Prabhu Palimar, Shreeya Behera, Cagin Yunus, Dominic Scarlett


Broadway has produced a number of different kinds of shows over the years, including musicals, revivals, and star showcases. How successful are these different types of shows over the years? Can we predict weekly revenue based on show type, online ratings, and indicators of the U.S. economy? To complete a project like this, one method would be to use a time-based model (like an ARIMA model). These models can capture seasonal or yearly trends that would affect revenue. The "Broadway Gross Data.xlsx" can be combined with other data sources like web scraping (e.g., Reddit, online show reviews), social media APIs (e.g., Twitter), natural language processing (including sentiment analysis), and stock market information.

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