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D&D Project 2

Alec Traaseth, Deewang Bhamidipati, David Rubinstein, Emre Akaturk, Jeremy Schwend


D&D is one of the most popular table-top role-playing games (TTRPGs). But, there are not a lot of tools nor data to answer questions about party optimization, resource management, combat difficulty etc.. Enter: FIREBALL, a dataset of 25,000 unique combat sessions. This dataset logs individual actions and character information from 25,000 unique sessions, giving a lot of information to leverage at answering a variety questions. The one of most interest to the group thus far has been combat optimization, but the dataset can speak to other areas as well.

There has been enough interest for a second project using this dataset. We will either explore the same problem with a different approach so we can compare results, or try to find a different question.

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