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Photo taken by Stephen Takacs during the May 2019 Cőde boot camp.

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PhD Career Development programs and Industry Placement services designed in partnership with our PhD alumni mentors and corporate members.

Now accepting applications for our Spring 2023 cohort. Create a profile to get started.


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Career Exploration Seminars

Weekly seminar series connecting you to PhD alumni peers working outside of academia. Learn from their collective experiences and get exposed to a diverse range of career opportunities.

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Boot Camps & Mini-Courses

Developed in collaboration with our PhD alumni and corporate members, our market driven curriculum is designed to prepare you for in-demand careers in industry and entrepreneurship. 

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Career Coaching & Support

Our career coaches and PhD alumni mentors are here to help you navigate next steps for your professional journey. We offer support with goal-setting, identifying and leveraging key strengths and experiences, and can even help you manage job offers and prepare for salary and compensation negotiations.


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Corporate Connections

We work with our vast network of corporate members and PhD alumni to connect you directly with lead recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill open positions.

Job Board & Postings

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Receive regular updates on open positions, both for internships and full-time roles, from companies in our network.

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Application & Interview Prep

Monthly workshops to help you prepare for applying to internships and full-time positions in any industry. We cover everything from application materials, networking, and behavioral interviews to paired coding, white boarding, and case studies.

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  • Office of Knowledge Enterprise

  • Dept of Mathematics

  • Dept of Physics

  • Dept of Economics

  • Dept of Political Science

  • Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP)

  • School of Arts and Sciences

  • Dept of Mathematics

  • Dept of Physics and Astronomy

  • Dept of Economics

  • Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCs)

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  • College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

  • Dept of Mathematics

  • Dept of Physics

  • College of Arts and Sciences

  • Walter Center for Career Success

  • Dept of Mathematics

  • Dept of Physics

  • Dept of Astronomy

  • Dept of Chemistry


​Dept of Mathematics


Dept of Mathematics

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Dept of Mathematics

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​Dept of Mathematics, Statistics,

and Computer Science


Dept of Physics


​Dept of Mathematics


​Dept of Mathematics


Home: Members

"Through our collaboration with The Erdős Institute, CoverMyMeds has hired incredibly talented, hardworking, and passionate data scientists. We have also had the opportunity to train existing employees in data science tools and techniques in the Erdős boot camps. This experience helps us continue to be the best place to work and grow your career in analytics and data science."

R. Littleton, CoverMyMeds


"The Erdős institute allowed me to understand the variety of industry jobs, and opened me up to new careers I never would have considered before. It also allowed me to develop my skills through data science boot camps and taught me how to market those skills. I do not believe I would have been able to get this job without the Erdős Institute." – S. Kessler, FICO


“One of our new colleagues presented his Erdős boot camp project during his interview. It certainly set him apart from the other candidates as it showcased his technical strength, communication skills and project management capacity.” – S. Liu, Huntington

Head Statue

Invitations to Industry has been a life-saver for me and 100% the reason I did not drop out of my PhD. It's just really nice for students who don't want to stay in academia to have a clear path forward.” – Anonymous


"As a professor who takes mentoring of PhD students seriously, I am absolutely thrilled that our department has partnered with the Erdős Institute to help our graduate students and postdocs appreciate the broad range of amazing career opportunities available to PhDs in math and beyond. 

I have seen a dramatic improvement in student mental health and willingness to persist in our program---even among the cohort of PhD students and post-docs planning academic careers--- as these young scientists come to realize the huge range of genuinely interesting careers in industries virtually desperate to hire them, their own students and their peers.  With their deep technical skills, creative impulse, quick learning curve and amazing stamina, our PhD students are gaining, through Erdős Institute programming and support, the confidence and connections they need to land terrific jobs in tech, finance, consulting, government and more. In addition, through Erdős, I am growing my own network of PhD alumni working outside academics; this provides a tremendous resource for our students---  internships, employment, advice, and support--- and  recently, even a financial donation to our program!

I can't tell you how rewarding it is to hear from former students who are thrilled with their careers, and using the high-level mathematical training we provided to lead on some of society's most pressing issues, including climate change, cyber security, the pandemic, and income inequality. Thank you, Erdős Institute!" – Prof. Karen Smith, University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics

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