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Quant Research

May-Summer 2024

Jul 15, 2024


Aug 19, 2024


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Jul 15, 2024


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The Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Finance course is designed to provide participants with a solid grasp of fundamental probabilistic techniques applied in financial markets. With a specific focus on Black-Scholes modeling of European options, the course capitalizes on the availability of closed-form solutions for European option expected values. This facet not only facilitates the evaluation of model predictions but also underscores the practical relevance of the concepts covered.

Organizers and Instructors


Thomas Polstra

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:
Use probabilistic techniques to predict stock movement volatility using historical data. Use volatility predictions to evaluate a portfolio's value at risk and to price European option contracts using Monte-Carlo methodology. Create accurate European option price predictions by enhancing Monte-Carlo simulations through the use of control variates. Accuracy will be measured against closed-form solutions to option contracts provided by Black-Scholes option pricing equations. Adjust Monte-Carlo simulations of European contracts for the purpose of pricing more complicated option contracts whose expected value does not have a closed form solutions. Such option contracts may include American, Asian, lookback, and barrier option contracts. Develop hedging strategies which minimize risk and improve expected profit distributions of an option investment strategy. Backtest a trading strategy using historical stock prices.

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