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Asia Wyatt, Kriti Sehgal, Aziz Burak Guelen


The clinical trial process is a multi-year, often decade-long process that involves rigorous research and testing from the petri dish to double-blind human tests. The overall cost to bring a single intervention to market can cost in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars to well over a billion dollars. Once a drug reaches the clinical trial stage, there are many factors that are taken into consideration for how to structure said trial–the age and number of participants, levels of masking, the location for the trial, etc.

While the goal is always to reach completion, there are a myriad of reasons why a clinical trial may be terminated or suspended. These can range from adverse side effects and poor safety to funding setbacks and lack of efficacy. The goal of our project is to determine which of these factors when structuring a clinical trial are the most important for cancer intervention trial completion and to predict whether or not a test set of trials will be completed.

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