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UX Research Boot Camp




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Registration Deadlines

Apr 1, 2023


Graduate students, current academics, Erdős Members, and Erdős Alumni (FREE)

Apr 1, 2023


Employees from member companies ($200 per workshop or $400 for all 3)

Apr 1, 2023


Employees from non-member companies ($250 per workshop or $500 for all 3)




This is a self-paced, asynchronous UX Research course. The lessons concentrate on research-related industry roles particularly popular among those in the social sciences, arts, and humanities: UX research and related fields, like market research and consumer insights.

There are three mini-projects for this course. In order to receive a UX Research certificate, you must submit all 3 projects by **December 15, 2023.**

Organizers, Instructors, and Advisors


- Apply quantitative and qualitative research to solve business problems
- Learn about how to interpret the Voice of the Customer, analyze end user behavior, profile customer personas, and shape product development plans.
- Prepare for high level research and managerial roles in consultant firms, market research companies, and growth strategy businesses.


Slack Channel: #slack-channel

First Steps/Prerequisites

First Steps

Program Content

This course consists of 12 lessons on UX research, with a bonus lesson on how to find a job in UX research. Instead of having one final project, this course is centered around 3 mini-projects. See more details on this below. This course is asynchronous, so there are no set meeting times for lectures. You are encouraged to meet with other people in the course by creating study groups at the calendar link:

Program Content


Lesson 1: Research in Industry

UX Research

Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Secondary Research, Market Research, UX Research, CX Research


Project/Homework Instructions

There are three mini-projects required for this asynchronous course. You must submit all 3 mini-projects in order to receive a UX certificate. Please click the links for instructions for each project.


Please submit the following items on the project upload page:

  • Project Description: a simple summary explaining your approaches to the mini-projects. Only needs to be 1-2 sentences for each project.

  • Executive Summary PDF: this is one PDF combining all 3 mini-projects. If you created a website, this can be screenshots of the website. This is what future employers will look at.

  • Project Video: 1-5 min video introducing yourselves, your projects, and the type of roles you're looking for. This does not have to be a project summary the way the Data Science bootcamp video is. You can scroll through your website / executive summary to point to the project details, if you want, but no need to make it a formal presentation.

  • Supplemental Material URL (optional): If you made a website for your mini-projects, you can put it here.

  • GitHub (optional): If you created code for the project, you can put the GitHub link to the project repo here.

  • Project Slides PDF (optional): If you have an additional PDF, you can put it here. Make sure you make it clear that this is supplementary material, so the future employers don't miss your main findings (Executive Summary PDF).



Project/Team Formation
Project Submission
Projects README


Click on any date for more details

Please check your registration email for program schedule and zoom links.

Project/Homework Deadlines

Oct 15, 2023

9:00 PM

Optional: UX Research Small Group Signup

Google Form to help me put you in teams

Dec 15, 2023

10:00 PM

Mini-Project 1: Product Diversification

UX Research Boot Camp

Dec 15, 2023

10:01 PM

Mini-Project 2: Website Conversion

UX Research Boot Camp

Dec 15, 2023

10:02 PM

Mini-Project 3: Voice of the Customer

UX Research Boot Camp

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