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Death & Company

Henry Twiss, Henry Twiss


Death & Company is a famous US based bar that is well-known for their "6 root drink" philosophy for cocktails: every cocktail is a derivative of either the Old Fansioned, Martini, Daquiri, Sidecare, Whiskey Highball, and Flip. Each of these classes is defined by a sweetness/spicyness/biternesss/booziness ratio. We want to build a model that takes an ingredient list (of classical cocktail ingredients) and predicts the type of root drink that this cocktail should belong to. The test set will need to be scrapped from Death & Company's book (also avaialble as a PDF). We will use the a modified version of the index given (amounts will need to be added manually) as the test set for our model, and will use the Kaggle set as the test. This will be a classification problem likely using clustering algorithms.

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