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Doggy Doggy What Now?: Predicting Adoption Rates from Animal Shelters Using Exogenous and Endogenous Factors


This project is in the idea and exploration phase and I am interested in discussing contours, ideas, and goals with others .

The topic would involve pet health or adoption rates. I have located a few large datasets that can be made into time series if need be. One question that comes to mind is whether factors exogenous to shelters play a larger role in adoption rates than those that are endogenous. Furthermore, are there interesting interaction effects based on location * political atmosphere?

I think this project could be beneficial to those with "Hard Science" PhDs going on the job market - as it signals you are a people person with varied interests BEFORE a hiring manager interview. Additionally, what is developed here may be flexible and easily applied to a topic like luxury consumer goods and purchases in the future.

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