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Music Subgenre Classification

Anthony Kling, Eric Malitz, Nicholas Castillo, Ramachandra Rahul Taduri, Reid Harris, Mykhailo Kuian


This project aims to classify the music subgenre(s) of a song. We will focus on a selected group of subgenres that are closely related, such as (these are just examples and not set in stone):
- Techno/House/Trance
- West Coast/East Coast/Southern Hip Hop
- Black/Death/Doom Metal
Our goal is to differentiate between these specific subgenres rather than broadly categorizing songs into general genres.

We will likely use the AcousticBrainz dataset ( ). This dataset includes a vast number of songs with low-level data extracted from the original audio files. The dataset itself does not contain the audio files but provides a comprehensive set of features derived from them. The low-level data contains features such as tempo, bpm, timbre, and spectral information. This eliminates the need for us to analyze or process the audio files directly.

The dataset also includes high-level data, where we can find genre labels for each song.

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