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Nutrition Nuts

Amaris Williams, Jakeah Phifer, Madelyn Esther Cruz


Balanced Meal Creator
Using USDA's Food and Nutrient Database, create a project where a user inputs a food item, and the program spits out a few suggestions for side dishes that would make a balanced meal. Balanced meal is defined as a meal that meets or exceeds 1/3 of the reference daily intakes (RDI) for all nutrients for a day. The reason for it being 1/3 of the RDI is because people typically eat 3 meals/day. For a hypothetical example, someone inputs cheese pizza, and based on the nutrient profile of cheese pizza, the algorithm decides a salad of carrots and kale would fill the missing nutrients in pizza to create a balanced meal. The user would add salad dressing at their own discretion :)

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