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The Silent Emergency - Predicting Preterm Birth

Katherine Grillaert, Divya Joshi, Alexander Sutherland, Kristina Zvolanek, Noah Rahman


Preterm birth is a primary cause of infant mortality and morbidity in the United States, affecting approximately 1 in 10 births. The rates are notably higher among Black women (14.6%), compared to White (9.4%) and Hispanic women (10.1%). Despite its prevalence, predicting preterm birth remains challenging due to its multifaceted etiology rooted in environmental, biological, genetic, and behavioral interactions. Our project harnesses machine learning techniques to predict preterm birth using electronic health records. This data intersects with social determinants of health, reflecting some of the interactions contributing to preterm birth. Recognizing that under-representation in healthcare research perpetuates racial and ethnic health disparities, we take care to use diverse data to ensure equitable model performance across underrepresented populations.

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